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1090 Gudi darbesinin Türk ve Yunan kamuoyuna yansıması

The 1909 coup D?etat and its impact on Turkish and Greek public opinion

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Greece won her independence in 1830, disengaging from the Ottoman rule.During the 19th century the Greek irredentism, under the motto, Megali dea (GreatIdea), the expansion of Greece?s frontiers to the Balkan Peninsula where Greekphonepopulations were living, became the dominating theme in Greek foreignpolicies until 1922. During the last years of 19th century a secret organization called?Ethniki Eteria? (National Society) was working for the accomplishment of the?Great Idea?. Organization?s activities in Crete and the frustration between theChristian and the Muslim population of the island culminated in the Turco-Greekwar of 1897 and the military defeat of Greece.The calamitous war of 1897 was a stunning blow for the country. Thenationalist elements of the Greek Kingdom, demanded a well-organized army inorder to realize their national aspirations. However, the Greek governmental endeconomical chaos was a very important obstacle to the fulfilment of this demand.Besides, the divisive nature of the Greek parties, the corruption of the political lifeand the aggressive competition for territory between the Balkan states cast a darkshadow over Greek politics. As conditions worsened some Greek officers, inspiredfrom the Young Turk reform-minded officers, decided to intervene to kingdom?spolitical life with the approval of the urban middle class.As a result of Greek army?s intervention (the 1909 Coup d? état in Goudhi)Kiriakulis Mavromichalis took over the reigns of government and accepted thereformist demands of the officers and especially those that related to thereorganization of the army. But very soon the ?Military League? faced numerousdifficulties because of the reaction of Greek State?s conservative elements and thelack of political experience of its members. The Military League decided to bring E.Venizelos, who formed a government in Greece in September 1910 and tried to solveall the existing problems by following a reformatory policy. The Greek press ingeneral supported the army?s sedition but the Ottoman press adopted a criticalopinion on it.